Home Delivery Services A Rising Trend in Singapore

 Fresh and Organic, delivered to your doorstep

There has been a rise in the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, and consumers can conveniently make delivery requests to specialty purveyors. To date, more than 10 retailers supply fresh produce from the US, Japan, Australia and even Nepal. The minimum spending for a free home delivery can be as little as $30, and many outlets have multiple delivery days in a week to ensure that their produce remains fresh when it arrives at the doorstep of he customer. 


Decopon, a home-delivery service offering fruits and vegetables from Japan, saw a 25% membership growth in 2008. Its home-delivery service began in Hong Kong in 1994, and later branched out to Japan and to Singapore in 1998. Decapon takes great pride in making sure that its products reaches consumers within two days after harvest.




Similarly, SuperNature saw its demand grow by 20% in the last two years for its home deliveries. The shop has also expanded its range of pre-paced produce boxes to five types to suit various diets. For example, Asian Farm Box ($70) caters to customers who prefer Asian produce such as kailan and kangkong. Its spokeman acknowledges that more and more people are starting to recognize the benefits of organic living, and are passionate about eating and living as healthily as possible. 


Many organic food retailers actually started home deliveries as a goodwill service to accommodate cancer patients who were too sick to make it down to their stores. However, this convenience has since been extended to customers seeking a time-saving, hassle-free and cost-efficient way of buying fruits and vegetables. Retailers offering home deliveries of specialty fruits and vegetables say that the service has helped grow their businesses too. And despite the economic downturn in 2009, requests for home deliveries were not severely hit.  


It can be said that Singaporeans are increasingly recognizing and wanting to pursue a healthy lifestyle, starting with their diet.