Places to Purchase Organic Food

organic food  

Clueless about where to purchase organic food products in Singapore? Here's a list of organic farms you can visit, or order from!


Countryfarm Organic Mart Pte.Ltd 
No. 59 Jalan Pemimpin #01-02 L&Y Building
Tel: 64746887

Fire Flies Health Farm 
3ha organic farm. Grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as chye sim, kailan, banans and pineapple. Customers are free to choose what they want for delivery. 

Plot 75 Lim Chu Kang lane 2 Singapore (719842)
Tel: (65)67937875 

Fax: 67946908 (order form) 

Closest MRT station is Choa Chu Kang MRT
By Bus service: Take 975 from Choa Chu Kang bus interchange, followed by a 8 minutes walk. 

GreenCircle Eco Farm 
41 Neo Tiew Road S719028
Tel: 68618286 

By bus- go to Choa Chu Kang MRT/ bus terminal and take bus number 975 towards Lim Chu Kang. Stop opposite the only HDB estate area and walk into Neo Tiew Road. 

Organic Himalayan

Organically grown fruits and vegetables from Nepal are flown in every fortnight and varieties include peach, radicchio, salad greens and potatoes. Customers pick what they want from a list of seasonal produce in an email that is sent to members every 2 weeks.


Choose from 5 types of fruit and vegetable boxes that offer a range of pre-selected product for different dietary needs. The Asian option for example, includes familiar Asian greens such as angled gourd and kangkong. Each box has between nine and 12 types of fruits and vegetables and the selection varies depending on the seasonal availability of the produce.

Tel: 63041338




The store stocks organic produce from Australia, New Zealand and Europe and customer are free to choose what they want for delivery.

Tel: 64747142



Four Seasons Organic Market 

The store stocks organic produce from Japan, Europe, Australia and the United States and items include kale, rainbow chard, grapes and apples. Local vegetables such as spinach and bok choy are also available.

Tel: 68361855



Produce grown using reduced amounts of pesticide and fertilizers as well as organic methods are sourced from farms all over Japan including Chiba and Hokkaido. It is then packed into boxes, which each contain between 13 and 15 types of pre-selected fruits and vegetables such as cabbage and seasonal items such as Japanese mustard spinach. Supplies are flown in every fortnight and delivered within two days of harvest.



Bunalun’s Oragnic Family Box Sets will be able to last a family of two or four for a week. The produce is air-flown from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe with a choice of 18 Asian or European vegetables and fruits. The European slection, for example, includes beetroot, zucchini and strawberries while the Asian option carries pak choi, chye sim and dragon fruit.

fax: 64916566

tel: 64792598


Nature’s Glory 

The shop offers more than 15 tpyes of organic as well as organically grown fruits and vegetables including items like beetroot and avocado. Customers are free to choose what they want for a delivery


Sunny Choice 

Offers a wide range of organic vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, celery, cabbage, capsicum, tomato and other vegetables, all from abroad and local farms. Sunny Choice also has a café serving organic meals and even ice cream.

Tel: 68922383


Eat Organic 

It provides a wide range of organically grown vegetables such as carrots broccoli, celery, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach and more unusual selections such as fennel, Swedes, parsnips and kale. All of them are air flown from the US, Australia and various South-east Asian countries every week.

Tel: 62197156

Fax: 62197157