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  • Organic food refers to agricultural products growth and processing without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, additives and preservatives. Organic food is grown in the most natural way. They are the perfect choice for in providing high quality food without the risk to public health or the environment and also a perfect choice for high nutrients and fiber meal.
  • Most processed organic food comes from large food firm producing and marketing products like canned goods, frozen vegetables, prepared dishes and other convenience foods
  • Organic food comprised mainly fresh vegetables. Consumers who are interested in organic food would look for chemical-free, fresh or minimally processed food
  • There is a high uses of pesticides allowed on food¬† crops this few years round, and the use of pesticides have lead to many cases of cancer due to the chemicals in the food.
  • An organic food minimizes the exposure of pesticides which have been proven that there is a large amount of toxic in the diet and is especially critical for children.
  • Organic Tomatoes are produced in an environment that has lower nutrient supply as nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizers are not added. This leads to excessive formation of antioxidants in organic tomatoes, which is good for health and help in reducing heart diseases.
  • Do not know where to purchase organic food products in Singapore? Why not visit the organic farms here! Enjoy the journey of sweet scent of flowers and vegetables
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